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DR. DEATEMA ABDUL-LATIF, Vice-President, Corporate Development & Strategy, is a native New Yorker whose career path spans across the Eastern Seaboard as Wall Street Analyst, Educational Specialist (New York City, NY, Washington, DC, and Orlando, FL), and Children's Rights Advocate.


A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and The American University of Washington, DC, her unique background has led to a passion for storytelling and vision of a premier media outlet where truth and authenticity can flourish to its wildest imagination. Under her leadership, Janna Educational Media intersects at the crossroads of knowledge and creativity, bringing educational opportunities and innovative programming to a diverse, global audience.


Executive Offices:

Janna Educational Media is dually located in Orlando, Florida, the Happiest Place on Earth, and Loudoun County, Virginia, the Dulles Technology Corridor.


We welcome correspondence! Please contact us in regards to fundraising, donations, or possible projects that may be of mutual interest:

Northern Virginia Campus

46396 Benedict Drive, Suite 320

Sterling, VA 20164

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